On this website, you’ll find everything about Horizon 2020. Here we offer you a global view so you won’t get lost. We have summarised in a seven-note scale the highlights of this participative, systemic and disruptive transformation. Welcome to the 21st century school! Take it away!

01. Nowadays this deep transformation of the education is not an option. We must overcome the gap between traditional school and today’s and tomorrow’s world (which is a reality that we don’t know yet).

02. We must start off by stopping, thinking, sharing a diagnosis and setting the ground for transformation. This challenge asks for it. We will put things into perspective and observe them in order to go further.

03. We wonder about major issues: Why do we teach? What is the world that we want? What do we and our students need to lead our life successfully? What is the person and society that we are seeking?

04. Let’s not be mistaken: the change is, above all, a change in the way we look at the person. In order to transform the school, we must transform ourselves. We can only guide the discovery of our students if we are in tune with our own vocation.

05. Placing the students in the centre of the school and making them become the subject of their own learning and life project is a must. Schools must stop being teaching centres to become learning centres.

06. In order to take that much needed leap forward, it is essential to learn to dream. We think big, with no interferences or limits, we design the school that we want (what). Afterwards, in a different moment, we find the ways to make it a reality (how).

07. Once we are ready, we can act. We design and live the pilot experiences that will bring constant innovation and learning while turning the school into a 21st century organization.